Success Story – Nikki

Like most high school freshman, Nikki, entered ACPA with it all figured out. She knew where she was going, what she wanted to do, who she wanted to be, and no one was going to stand in her way. But unlike most teachers she’d had, those at ACPA were not satisfied with only scholastic achievement.

Success Story – Cody

Cody arrived at ACPA halfway through his freshman year. Eventually, he became involved in several extracurriculars while at ACPA, including soccer, basketball, and the cool cactus, the school’s student-run snackbar. Upon arriving at ACPA, he did not have any intention of going straight onto getting his Bachelor’s degree. However, through an accumulation of experiences at

Success Story – Victor

Victor arrived at ACPA as a 9th grade student.  He spent the next 4 years as an active member of the Griffin community. As a Freshman, Victor did not recall ever having heard of Stanford University. However, during the course of his high school career, Victor became involved in Student Council, Soccer, Volleyball, a student-run

Accepting a limited number of new students for the 2017/2018 School Year

ACPA, founded in 1997, is a tuition-free 9-12 charter school conveniently located in central Tucson, AZ. Limited opening are available.