IMG_4772Although the concept, theory, and research behind ACPA began in 1997, the lessons learned and experiences gained over the years culminated with the initial founding meeting on September 2010 and the school opening in July 2012. ACPA’s founding members are Charlene Mendoza, Freddy Mendoza and Gülen Hicks. Charlene and Freddy are a sibling duo who has been working at charter schools to create opportunities for at-risk students to receive an equitable, quality education in Tucson, Arizona for 15 years. They have developed revolutionary systems to teach students, engage teachers in personal and professional development and change the lives of students and families. Their growing desire for ownership and freedom to implement their philosophy coupled with having a close friend and teaching colleague for 6 years, Gülen, offer her business experience and knowledge to the team culminated in the founding of ACPA. Together, they share an unbridled energy, a driving passion for excellence and diverse, yet complementary skills which they utilize to improve the opportunities for Tucson youth to receive a world class education.

To ensure the success of ACPA, the founding members have defined and split their responsibilities and will work tirelessly to fulfill all of them. Charlene Mendoza is responsible for creating and aligning the education plan, including program of instruction, curriculum samples and other aspects involved in the administration of a high quality academic program. As the Principal, Charlene will use her leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills to communicate clearly the mission and expected practices of ACPA to staff, prospective parents and the community at large. Freddy, as an Assistant Principal, is responsible for creating co-curricular programs to enhance the curriculum, and seeking to establish connections to the Tucson community. He will use his previous experiences to manage facilities and related contracted services such as technology and janitorial. Gülen, as an Assistant Principal, is responsible primarily for financial management, human resources and related contracted services such as accounting and payroll. She oversees the marketing and advertising efforts of ACPA.

A documentary celebrating three years of partnership and service learning between Saguaro National Park and Arizona College Prep Academy (ACPA) in Tucson, Arizona.It was premiered at the 24th annual service-learning conference in Denver, Colorado.

2013 Transition

Arizona College Prep Academy applied for a Charter Transfer in 2012. The Arizona State Board for Charter Schools approved that application. At that time, the charter for Arizona College Prep Academy was transferred to a new non-profit corporation, Collaborative Pathways. Collaborative Pathways has a Board that is responsible solely for the operation of Arizona College Prep Academy. With the transfer, ACPA separated entirely from Amerischools and is no longer affiliated in any way with that organization or the schools it operates. In 2013, ACPA relocated to a new and permanent location, 3434 E. Broadway. The Collaborative Pathways Board and the Faculty and Administration of ACPA are looking forward to continuing our tradition of opportunity, achievement and empowerment for our students and alumni while continuing to innovate, motivate and provide a top-notch, theoretically sound curriculum to our students. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Accepting a limited number of new students for the 2017/2018 School Year

ACPA, founded in 1997, is a tuition-free 9-12 charter school conveniently located in central Tucson, AZ. Limited opening are available.